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BlogrCart MNMLIS Blogger template is featured at Blog Lovin' & at Kaizentemplate - The Greatest in Rebuild Blogger Templates.

About MNMLIS Blogger Theme

Below are information about BlogrCart MNMLIS an e-commerce inspired Blogger theme/template. Please read through the details carefully before installing or purchasing our awesome theme engine for Blogger (formerly known as Blogspot).


  • Theme,template - refers to the downloaded Blogger theme/template files or filesets.
  • We, us - refers to the Blogger theme designer(s), author(s), writer(s) or individual who has written/verbal permissions.
  • You, He, She, Users - refers to the general public, users, visitors, person(s) who has a copy of the "Theme".
  • Blogger - a free blog platform owned by Google. 


This Blogger theme is highly customized to accomodate the many functionalities which comes pre-installed. Blogger default theming functionalities will have some limitations to guarentee the add on functions is 100% workable upon first install.

Some limitations to use the default Blogger Layout functionalities will occur, which includes Blogger widget (or gadget) install/editing features, theme Advance Customization etc. These functions was intentionally opted-out by us to suit the add on functionalities, current webpage best practices which also includes site performance.


A minimal HTML & text editing knowledge is required for customization. Detail information is provided by us which includes articles, tutorials, videos, illustrations, screen shots etc as general guides. These information is updated accordingly which also covers numerous personalization required by users.


We are not associated directly or indirectly with Blogger or Google whatsoever. The theme/template is also not a Blogger or Google product. The theme/template is a templating system which works for Blogger platform and can be used with minor customization or coding knowledge.

Preliminary Tests

Each custom theme had gone through numerous checks & tests which includes live installations etc before releasing to the general public. Unknown errors might occur depending on Blogger limitations in specific countries or environments or personalized customization done by users at their Blofgger Dashboard. Detail & workable instructions have been included & shared by us to the general public to ensure a hassle-free & workable quick install.

License & Liability

Once a user has a copy of this theme, we will not be liable nor charged for any loss whatsoever before, during or after (upon using) the theme install. By downloading the theme files/filesets, users verifies that he/she has read & understood the necessary information provided & will abide with the terms (license) accordingly.

External Scripts/Libraries/Add-ons

External scripts & libraries is also included with the Blogger theme. These scripts are used to enhance the many functionalities provided by the theme.

We will not be liable for any failure (or loss) of external functions/libraries that comes equipped with the theme. We have assured (which includes regular checks) that the external functions/libraries can be accessed to the general public at all times & workable.

External Plug-ins

All external/internal functions/libraries which comes with the theme had been checked, tested & working. The functions/libraries is solely owned by the respective owners/authors/developers, and we do not claim for ownership unless otherwise stated. We also assure that the external/internal functions is safe to our best knowledge for the general public usages.

Terms & Conditions

Additional terms & conditions is applied to the related services directly or indirectly related to the theme upon usages.

Support & Help

Free support & help is provided by us & we have provided many options for users to reach us. Users can send in e-mail directly, contact us using the contact form provided, or use the external 3rd party commenting system for fast response. Telephone numbers & e-mail addresses has been made public in order to contact us for more information.

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  1. Reviews & comments listed at our website does not reflect Administrator's opnion(s).
  2. Reviews & comments listed by readers/users of this website is based on their own personal opinion(s).
  3. SPAM, deep-linking, troll reviews & comments will be deleted & banned/blocked.

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  1. We use cache, cookies & front end browser storages to help us with users experience at our website.
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  3. Detail informations on website's Privacy Policy & Services Terms can be viewed here at our website. We highly recommend you take a look & read what we can offer to our users.

General Notes:

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  2. Colour or colour combo for products might be slightly different due to screen resolution, product photography etc. We ensure you that the product listed is genuine as described.